Snake River Royal White Sturgeon Caviar

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Inconspicuously located in Hagerman near the Snake River Valley in southern Idaho, a trout and catfish farmer quietly began producing caviars from White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) that was initially being cultivated by the State of Idaho to reintroduce stocks into the wild. Aquaculturist Leo Ray turned his attention from raising species such as rainbow trout, catfish and tilapia to rearing the White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) that were once found in abundance in the Snake River. Ray began his modest sturgeon operation a little over 10 years ago, and with the prolonged growout of these fish – often taking over 12 years to mature to harvestable size – the output of caviar has been small but growing. Idaho is famous for its crystal clear spring water – and this area also includes geothermal springs that feed into the Snake River aquifer. Mixing this hot artesian water with cold spring water produces some ideal temperatures that can naturally stimulate the growth of these captive sturgeons. The high quality of the fish – and subsequently the caviar – is no accident: superior flavor, texture and overall quality are results of the clean, clear water flowing through their raceways and exchanged every five minutes in each production unit. Neither antibiotics nor growth hormones are administered to these fish.

The Idaho White Sturgeon Caviar selection is distinct from other White Sturgeon caviars on the domestic market due to its exceptional size, coloration, and very clean flavor. Large to medium sized eggs with a delicate texture, their color can range from a slate grey, light amber or black. The flavor is reminiscent of fine osetra with a very clean, pure finish.Selected by hand under supervision of our Caviar Director, we grade the best of our Snake River White Sturgeon caviar catch as “Royal”. These eggs are distinguished from our American White Sturgeon “Classic” Selection by larger pearls and firmer texture. Selection can be limited and subject to availability.  LIMITED SUPPLY.