Salmon Caviar

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7 ounces - serves 10 - 15, $55.00
1 kilogram, $200.00
500 grams, $110.00

Salmon Caviar

  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Color: Translucent Orange
  • Taste: Strong, sweet
  • Size of Pearls: Large
  • Texture: Firm
  • Type: Wild
  • This product ships frozen due to FDA regulations

Our Alaskan chum salmon roe has a very large egg approximately the size of a pearl, with a vibrant golden orange color. It is low in salt, with a firm texture.

The classic taste exhibits both a strong flavor of salmon offset by a natural, almost honey sweetness on the palette. A wonderful and affordable alternative to sturgeon caviars for garnishes or served with cucumber and crème fraiche.

Care & Serving Sizes

  • Check out our guide for information on serving sizes or about how to care for your caviar!
  • Our guide was created by our Founder, President, and Owner, Rod Browne Mitchell, a leading authority on caviar in the U.S.

Caviar Room

  • Our Caviar Room is where every type of caviar Browne Trading offers is selected & graded to ensure only the finest quality selections possible.
  • Click here for a “behind the scenes” look at how we prepare your caviar before we send it your way!

Serviceware & Accompaniments

  • We have a variety of items to enhance your experience with our premium quality caviar including our popular Mother of Pearl Spoons.
  • Our Bilinis & Creme Fraiche are also hugely popular companions with our caviar.

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