Royal Belgian Platinum Caviar

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Product Description

  • Species: (Acipenser Guelden-Baerii) Osetra Hybrid Caviar
  • Country of Origin: Belgium
  • Color: Dark olive to black
  • Taste: Nutty, rich
  • Size of Pearls: Medium Plus
  • Texture: Firm
  • Harvest method: Farmed

Osetra Hybrid Caviar (Platinum)

The eggs used for our Royal Belgian Platinum Caviar originate from a hybrid sturgeon.

This sturgeon is a crossbreed between two caviar producing species the Russian Osetra Sturgeon and the Siberian Sturgeon.

The breed combines many excellent characteristics from both parental species including a rich flavor that in a blind taste test turned out to be most similar to the coveted Wild Osetra.

Our artisanally produced Osetra Hybrid Caviar is unlike any Guelden-Baerii caviar on the market.

Royal Belgian Caviar also produces classic Russian Osetra Caviar, Siberian Caviar, and White Sterlet Albino Caviar.

Exclusive Providers of Royal Belgian

We are proud to say that Browne Trading is the exclusive provider in the United States of this top of the range Caviar.

What started in Belgium as a fish feed production company in the 1980s, Royal Belgian Caviar has since evolved and is now considered one of Europe’s most acclaimed producers of beautiful caviars.

Through years of intensive research, Dr. Verdonck (Owner and caviar master at Royal Belgian) has managed to completely control the breeding cycle of some sturgeon species (and he is now considered an international authority on caviar production).

From the fertilization of the egg up to the production of caviar, every step in the farm is meticulously controlled and monitored – and only one person, Willy’s wife Mia, is entrusted with the final production of the caviar.

Click here to learn more about Royal Belgian Caviar Company.

Caviar Serving Assortment

Our Caviar Serving Assortment has everything you need to make your indulgence of our caviar that bit more special. Two Mother of Pearl Spoons, one package of our Blinis, and one container of Creme Fraiche. Click here and add our caviar serving assortment to your order.

Caviar Care & Serving Sizes

Learn how to care and serve caviar with our guide.

Our caviar guide was created by our Founder, President, and Owner, Rod Browne Mitchell, a leading authority on caviar in the U.S.

Caviar Room (Grading & Packing Your Orders)

Browne is one of the few companies in the U.S. that directly imports caviar from around the world. When the caviar arrives to Browne it is received, graded, and packed by hand by our Caviar Director Richard Hall.

Click here for a “behind the scenes” look at how we prepare your caviar before we send it your way.

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