Caviar Galilee “Royal Osetra”

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30 grams $225.00
50 grams $375.00
125 grams $938.00
250 grams $1,875.00
500 grams $3,750.00
1 kilogram $7,500.00

Hailing from closed water farms near to the Dan River in Northern Israel, the caviar produced from each fish is hand packed separately and graded to flavor, color, taste and texture. This method assures that there are no mixtures of taste and keeps the production pure in flavor and quality. Raised from brood stock of true wild Russian Osetra sturgeons, we are amazed at how close these eggs are to the coveted wild “Royal” Osetra. Indulge in one of the finest farmed raised caviars available on any market today. Selected by hand by our Caviar Director, a small quantity of the best Caviar Galilee Prime is set aside and crowned “Royal.” Large grain pearls with dark blonde to gold color. Firm texture and a creamy finish similar to Beluga caviar. Limited quantities.