Lubina – Sea Bass from Veta la Palma

THE HIGHLY COVETED EUROPEAN SEA BASS remains a favorite on menus across the world. Akin to our American Striped Bass, this fish is known to the Spanish as Lubina, to the French as Bar or Loup de Mer (literally: “wolf of the sea”) and to the Portuguese Robalo. Whatever the language, the European Sea Bass remains in high global demand and wild caught fish continue to command high prices. While pen aquaculture for this fish is abundant in the Mediterranean Sea, the superior farming practices and pristine near-natural ecosystem at Veta la Palma make the Lubina a superior choice for discerning chefs looking for the best quality, responsibly raised sea bass.

Within the closed system at Veta la Palma, Lubina fry are raised in brood pens under protection until they are grown to a juvenile size and then introduced into the open water systems that comprise the Estate’s marshland sanctuary. While they have seasonal access to demand feeders for supplemental nutrition, the plentiful natural sources of shrimp, aquatic insects, and smaller fish serve as their primary diet – resulting in a near wild flavor unmatched by other aquacultured European bass. Harvested to order by hand in low impact seine nets, the fish are immediately put into slush ice and shipped for sale, resulting in absolute freshness.

A voracious predatory fish, the Lubina’s culinary popularity is attributed to its firm flesh that cooks well in virtually all preparations – whether served whole or off the bone. The absence of small bones makes its fillets easy to handle and serve and to present the whole fish. And its sweet, mild flavor stands up well to even the most basic of seasonings. Served poached hot or cold, grilled or baked whole and stuffed, pan seared fillets, and even whole roasted with or without a salt crust.

Browne Trading imports the Veta la Palma Lubina Sea Bass fresh weekly; fish are typically sold as 2 lb, 3-4 lb, and 4-6 lb fish.

Harvest Region: Raised in Free Water at the Veta la Palma Estate – Seville, Spain

Seasonality: Year Round

Yield (Fillet Percentage): 51%

Flavor Profile: Sweet and mild

Texture Profile: Finely textured and flakey, firm


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