Spoonbill (Paddlefish) Caviar

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1 ounce $65.00
2 ounces $130.00
4.4 ounces $286.00
7 ounces $455.00
500 grams $1,100.00
1 kilogram $2,200.00

The Spoonbill is a wild freshwater sturgeon that thrives in the waters of the Mississippi and Tennessee rivers where it surface feeds using its paddled shaped nose to collect nutrient-rich food. Prized for its elegant flavor at a manageable price, this freshwater sturgeon roe exhibits many of the characteristics of its Caspian cousins. At first glance, it bears a striking resemblance to Sevruga for its size and color – and its rich, creamy flavor is reminiscent to that of the Osetra. The resulting spoonbill (paddlefish) caviar is quite delectable; rich robust, and creamy with small silvery pearls.