Domestic Sea Scallops

$75.00 ($37.50 / lb) - Appr. 2 lb(s)

Product Description

Available in 2 pounds. 8-10 ea per pound.

Known for their sweetness and firm texture, wild caught Atlantic sea scallops are special for any menu. But beware, many scallops on today’s market are “wet-packed” with chemicals that increase their weight and extend their shelf life. Wet packed scallops release these chemicals when they are cooked, causing them to cook in this liquid.

Sourced domestically, Browne’s sea scallops are “dry packed” and never treated with preservatives. Expect a succulent and clean flavor with our scallops.

Our sea scallops are sushi-grade quality and can be served raw, sauteed, over pasta, fried, or on kebabs.