Gulf Shrimp

$40.00 ($20.00 / lb) - Appr. 2 lb(s)

Product Description

We are excited to share with you that our newest shellfish is available to ship straight to your door! Our Gulf Shrimp are wild from the Florida Panhandle where they are harvested by day-boat fishermen.These shrimp are sold head-off and are sweet with a firm texture, and clean taste. What makes this shrimp unique from our Laughing Bird selection is that these are fresh and never frozen, and twice the size.

Enjoy grilled, over pasta alla scampi, broiled, or in jambalaya.

Available as 2 LB Trays. 16-20 shrimp per LB

Shipping and Handling (FAQ)

We prepare and pack your order the day it ships to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

We ship all perishables via priority overnight delivery. Place your order before 11:00 AM. est. and we can ship your order the same day!

If you are wondering what the best practices are for the storage & care of fresh & frozen seafood check out our blog article on the subject by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of Ran Duan