Caviar Galilee Prime Osetra

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30 grams $150.00
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125 grams $625.00
250 grams $1,250.00
500 grams $2,500.00
1 kilogram $5,000.00

Caviar Galilee sturgeon are raised next to Dan Springs ( Kibbutz Dan ) in water from the melting snows of Mount Hermon in Israel. This pure water supplies the live sturgeon ponds naturally, runs back into Dan Stream into the Jordan River, and finally back to the Sea of Galilee. The Galilee sturgeon farmed here produce 100% pure Osetra ( Acipencer guldenstaedti ) caviar fed a natural diet of protein and plant foods specially formulated over many years of study that help the fish to produce fruitful caviar. There are no added hormones added to their diets. The caviar produced from each fish is hand packed separately and graded to flavor, color, taste and texture. This method assures that there are no mixtures of taste and keeps the production pure in flavor and quality.

Raised from brood stock of true wild Russian Osetra sturgeons, we are amazed at how close these eggs are to the coveted wild “Royal” Osetra. Indulge in one of the finest farmed raised caviars available on any market today. Caviar Galilee Osetra Prime features medium grain pearls with dark to slate color and a firm texture with a finished hazelnut flavor.