Browne Trading Co. is nationally recognized for its superior fish quality by America’s finest chefs. This same selection of pristine quality fish is now available for overnight delivery directly to your home. Our fantastic selection of seafood are fresh, never frozen, and are typically out of the water 1 to 2 days of being caught.

Our selections hail from as nearby as our Portland Fish Exchange and as far away as New Zealand.  All seafood purchased by Browne Trading is hand selected and inspected for top quality freshness only. For fish caught in the wild, Browne Trading primarily buys fish that have been line-caught, not trapped in nets. For those fish being farm raised, we seek and give preference to those producers only raising the best farmed fish in the industry – not just domestically, but globally –  who apply only the best practice husbandry when raising their seafood all-naturally fed fish.

Selections listed may rotate depending upon weekly catches, supply, and the season. In all instances, we make every effort to ship whole fish or fillets as close to the average weights listed in the product descriptions.

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