Part biological, part culinary, and maybe some whimsy in between, our Species Spotlights showcase essential information about a fish or shellfish product available through Browne Trading Co.

Organized for both a quick read of the bulleted basics for the chef on the go, they also feature a more detailed description to inform and interest. Some of the elements we strive to disclose include:

-Wild Fish or Farm Raised? – A critical buying decision these days for many chefs and consumers alike, we believe it is imperative to disclose this to the buyer.

-Market Name and Species – Seems intuitive, but there is a lot of fish out there, with a ton of variety in market and regional names – as well as fishermen’s nicknames.

Whether you are buying fish directly from Browne Trading Co. or elsewhere, be sure to ask for and look at the scientific species name (in Latin) to discern exactly what is being offered to you.

Caviar Species Definitions

Caviar Species Definitions

Learn about the different sturgeon species that produce caviar.

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