Urchin Roe, “Uni”


Product Description

  • Species: Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrus droebachienisis)
  • Catch Region: Gulf of Maine in the Winter/Chile in the Summer
  • Seasonality: Year-round
  • Catch Method: Hand harvested by divers
  • Flavor Profile: Slightly sweet
  • Texture Profile: Delicate, smooth, buttery
  • Substitute: Caviar/Roe

Uni Roe

Spiny Sea Urchins are found along the coast of Maine through the Canadian Maritimes and yield creamy “Uni.” Uni is the corral, or roe, of the urchin.

Sea urchins are spiny-shelled echinoderms that look like pincushions, and some have dubbed them the “porcupines of the sea.”

In fact, the name “urchin” is actually taken from the Olde English meaning of the word: hedgehog. Other names like the Spanish Erizo de mar, simply mean “egg of the sea.”

The season for Uni in Maine begins in the Fall. Ours come in ocean fresh and are processed right here in Portland, Maine.

Removed from their shell, the bright yellow-to-orange lobes are perfect when cooked. Applications include:

  • Omelets or souflettes
  • Sauced over pasta or noodles
  • Pureed with butter to finish seafood sauces.

Maine and Canadian Uni available Fall-Spring. In the Summer months, we source from colder Chilean waters.

For best practices on the storage and care of fresh seafood click here.

Available as ‘two’ 4-ounce (approx. 20-30 in each) trays. The tray is wooden.