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One Whole Fish $75.00
Two Fillets $75.00

The European Turbot remains among the elite seafood selections of Master Chefs everywhere, prized along with the Dover Sole as being one of the best eating fish our oceans offer. While wild caught specimens often command prohibitively high prices, our meticulously raised turbot from Europe allow diners more affordable access to this wonderful fish. Indigenous to the Mediterranean and European Atlantic waters, these Turbot are raised sustainably in waters drawn directly from the Atlantic. Traceable from broodstock to table, they thrive on an all natural diet for superior flavor – delicate and mild in taste, but with firm, bright-white fillets. These fish are excellent when baked whole (they have no scales to contend with), and their meaty fillets are superior when poached, steamed, or pan fried. Saucing the turbot is traditional in European cuisine.

Whole Fish are Approximately 4 Lbs each, Scaled and Gutted. Two Skin-on Fillets are Approximately 2 Lbs, Net. Farmed. Spain.