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Product Description

Available as two skin-on fillets. Approximately 3 pounds. 


1 whole fish, 5-7 pounds. 

Commonly referred to as “black cod”, “Alaska cod”, or even “butterfish”, the sablefish is not actually a member of the cod family, nor is it the true butterfish. Rather, it is part of the anoplopomatidae family, which lives in the icy waters of the pacific northwest.

Due to its extremely high oil content for a white-fleshed fish, the sablefish is known for its rich, buttery flavor.

The moist, velvety white flesh can be baked, poached, broiled, grilled using a grill basket, or pan-fried. Whole fish (or large fillets) can be roasted with the skin left on. Because of its oil content, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can stay moist when both barbecuing and smoking (a technique common for centuries among the indigenous tribes of the pacific northwest).