Monktail Fillet


Caught in the deep cold waters of New England, the Monkfish can be recognized by its unusually large head and mouth. Because of its tight, meaty white flesh, Monkish meat is often compared to lobster meat. Commonplace in French cuisine the Monkfish is now becoming a popular choice amongst American chefs and seafood lovers.

Monkfish is mild in taste once prepared and takes on the flavor of herbs or marinades very well. Regarding preparation, the fish can be cut into medallions and fried in the pan, baked, steamed, braised or put into stews and soups. We remove the tail bone and bothersome membrane here for you.


Boneless Fillets are Approximately 4 Lbs, Net. Wild Caught. US.


Check out our link below which explains how to fillet a Monkfish Tail. This step by step guide has been provided by award-winning food writer, cookbook author, photographer, and cooking teacher James Peterson.

Filleting a Monkfish Tail