Maine Peekytoe Crabmeat

$45.00 ($45.00 / lb)

2 Each, 8 oz. Cups

Product Description

“What really makes peekytoe crabs better than other crabs is the care with which they are handled, cooked and picked — essential work, because the crabs are too fragile to be shipped live.” – New York Times

Available as two 8-ounce cups. Ships fresh and ready to eat. 

When it comes to fresh crab meat, peekytoe remains the most sought-after due to its consistency. You can expect an unrivaled sweetness and a delicate, satisfying texture with this Maine crab. It was back in the 90s that Browne’s owner, Rod Mitchell, coined the phrase “peekytoe”. From that moment, a crab that was predominantly thrown away by Maine lobstermen became a must-have for chefs seeking the finest quality seafood.

Fresh, cooked, and ready to eat, this sweet crab meat is perfect for crab cakes, salads, and stuffings.