Maine Dayboat Scallops

Maine Dayboat Sea Scallops


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Sold in 2 LB. increments. Please note that our Dayboat scallops are hand sorted by size – Under 10 per pound (Jumbo), 10-15 per pound (Large), and 20+ (Medium) per pound. As a result, quantities of any given size can be extremely limited. Please specify which size you would prefer in your order notes as you complete the checkout process. If your specified size cannot be fulfilled you will be contacted by one of our sales staff who will detail what sizes we have left. If you are unable to be reached your order will be automatically substituted for the next available size. If you do not specify a size then you will be shipped whichever size we have the most availability of.

Sea Scallops are among the most coveted of American shellfish and the cold Gulf of Maine waters produce some of the best!

Known for their sweetness and firm texture, wild caught Atlantic Sea Scallops are special for any menu. But buyer beware, many scallops on the market can be frozen first and imported from overseas, or even worse: “wet-packed” with chemicals that increase their weight and preserve them for sale! This process becomes evident when the scallops are placed on heat as they will release this moisture, causing them to simmer in liquid instead of getting a golden sear.
When wet-packed, a scallop will be a brilliant white. When dry-packed, however, they are a natural creamy white or ivory color. Browne Trading Company purchases only “dry” – never treated – scallops freshly shucked at sea from our local Dayboat scallopers. “Day Boats” are short trip vessels that fish and land usually within 24 hours, ensuring that the scallops are the freshest available (“Trip Boats” for example usually set sea for over 7 days). Fresh Dayboat scallops should smell of the sea, but inferior trip-caught scallops will generally have an odor to them.

Fresh sea scallops have a multitude of culinary applications – from raw as ceviché, sautéed, poached, braised, steamed, fried and even grilled as kebabs. Ours are fresh from the sea, clean, sweet, with a firm texture, always dry-packed and never treated with any preservatives. These are among the best on the market, and from a source that you can trust.

Maine Dayboat Scallops are available as Under 10 per pound (Jumbo), 10-15 per pound (Large), and 20+ (Medium) per pound. Seasonal. Sold in 2 LB. increments. Prices are subject to market conditions.