Littleneck Clams

$50.00 ($10.00 / lb) - Appr. 5 lb(s)

Product Description

Littleneck Clams are small cherrystone clams – which in turn are small quahogs, a name of Native American derivation. They are called “littlenecks” for the spiral-shaped point, or neck, near the valve of the shell, which is hard and strong. The meat of these clams is tender and coveted when served raw on the half shell. Also traditionally served in pasta dishes, steamed, or fried. Harvested off of the coast of Cape Cod.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/CARE: Product is live. Discard clams that have broken or are open. Store in refrigeration upon receipt, covered in damp towels or paper. DO NOT store in fresh water or ice. Do not store in air tight plastic containers or bags. Best when prepared the day of arrival.

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Ships Live. Sold as 50 Each Count. Farmed. US.