$182.00 ($41.36 / lb) - Appr. 4.4 lb(s)

Product Description

Always in high demand from our chef clientele, langoustines are widely regarded as a premium shellfish selection.

You can expect a delightful sweetness and succulence with our langoustines. Some compare the flavor profile to Maine lobster – although the texture is more delicate.

Langoustines are not easy to find in the USA. Ours are wild caught in New Zealand and then flash frozen at sea – preserving their quality. When defrosted you can prepare them by:

  • Grilling
  • Poaching
  • Boiling

Langoustines go by a variety of names, including the Dublin Bay Prawn, the Norway Lobster, and Scampi (in the US). Don’t confuse langoustines with langoustinos, which usually come from Chile and are shorter than authentic langoustines.

Available as a 4.4 Lbs Box. 2-4 Per Pound. Wild Caught. New Zealand.

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Langoustines (Scampi) Quick Facts

  • Species: Langoustines (Metanephrops challengeri)
  • Catch Region: New Zealand
  • Seasonality: Year-round
  • Catch Method: Wild, Trawls
  • Flavor Profile: Succulent, Sweet
  • Texture Profile: Firm
  • Substitute: CarabinerosMaine CrabScallopsMaine Lobster Meat

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