Hokkaido Scallops

$55.00 ($27.50 / lb)

Jumbo Size, 2 Lbs

Product Description

Hokkaido Scallops are among the most recognized in the world. This traditional fishery of Japan has harvested sea scallops as far back as the 1800’s and has worked diligently since the 1970’s to expand production while sustaining the resource. Today, these scallops are considered fully traceable – and sustainable – earning the Hokkaido scallops the Maine Stewardship Council’s accreditation as a globally sustainable fishery in 2013.

For centuries, the Japanese have coveted the wonderful flavor of the sea scallops hailing from the coast of Hokkaido – the largest northernmost Japanese island. Many attribute the richness of these scallop beds to the convergence of a warm current (the Kuroshio) with a cold one (the Oyashio). These currents pull planktons and nutrients into the feeding area resulting in superior conditions for the scallops to thrive. The uniqueness of this water flow has sustained these scallop beds for hundreds of years and continues to produce one of the world’s highest demand scallops to this day. Over one-third of the annual catch is exported from Japan to markets all over the world.

Traceability, quality, and a distinct sweetness of flavor combine to make this scallop worthy of its notoriety. In order to retain its high quality after harvest, the scallops are shucked and flash frozen within hours to preserve freshness. 100% natural, these scallops are not treated or sprayed (dry packed) with any chemicals or preservatives such as tripolyphosphates. Prior to sale, the scallops are restored to temperature in a natural, slow thaw that retains their natural moisture, texture, and sweetness.

Hokkaido Scallops – 15 approx. per pound.

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