Hokkaido Scallops

$55.00 ($27.50 / lb)

Jumbo Size, 2 Lbs

Product Description

Hokkaido Scallops – 15 ea approx. per pound.

These sushi-grade Japanese sea scallops are finding their way onto fine-dining menus across the United States. It’s no surprise why – these premium quality scallops are both traceable and sustainable.

Our Hokkaido scallops hail from the renowned northern Hokkaido region in Japan. This area benefits from nutrient and plankton rich water, allowing the scallops to thrive. Firm in texture, rich and sweet in flavor, these scallops won’t last long at any dinner party!

In 2013 the Hokkaido scallops earned the Maine Stewardship Council’s accreditation as a globally sustainable fishery.

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