Cho-Rei-Kun Hamachi


5 lbs., Fillet. Skin-On. Frozen

Our Cho-Rei-Kun Hamachi is a premium fish that is farmed in a stress-free environment and then harvested using a revolutionary patented technique. This technique is called Cho-Rei-Kun and consists of multiple precise steps during harvest that result in Hamachi that is bright in color, has a better yield, longer shelf life, and no sour aftertaste.

An advanced procedure, which is part of the Cho-Rei-Kun, called Ike Jime is utilized when harvesting and processing the Hamachi. During this method, up to 99 percent of the blood from the fish is removed, which results in vastly improved smell and appearance. The fish is then processed and frozen before the onset of rigor mortis. It only takes one hour for the fish to be frozen after harvesting compared to 12 to 36 hours for competitor products.

Hamachi is popularly served as sashimi or in sushi. Its high oil content gives the fish a very smooth texture and taste, making it a popular choice in Sushi Bars across the US. Hamachi can be sautéed, steamed, or grilled medium rare, with care taken not to overcook. It can also be used in recipes calling for swordfish or Kampachi.

Available as a 4-6 pound average fillet cut. Skin-on. Frozen.