Bluefin Loin – FRESH

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3 lb Loin Cut

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Available as a 3 pound LOIN cut. – FRESH

Bluefin season is over but thanks to our amazing partnership with a tuna farm in Spain, you can now order #1 sushi grade bluefin tuna off season!

Wild bluefin tunas are caught and fed a fish-only diet in order to achieve the optimal fat content that makes it such a sought-after product in the haute cuisine world. [Browne] has full, immediate access to information about the origin, size, weight, legal documentation and physical movements of the tuna before it arrived to their table. The purse-seine technique is highly sustainable because it guarantees the non-capture of smaller fish and allows for the reproductive activity of the tunas even after their capture. Fishing quotas are alocated by ICCAT, a world-wide regulatory authority. Furthermore, a portion of the generated income is used to fund scientific research projects“- Balfego

Bluefin tuna is the fattiest and largest in the tuna family, making this fish truly iconic. You can expect deep, cherry red meat and the firmness of raw beefsteak. In the Summer, we only purchase fish that are responsibly caught by line and harpoon in our local Maine and Nova Scotia waters, harvested under strict quota regulations during the summer months when the fish migrate north. Every tuna we purchase is graded on-site to confirm its quality rating using a sashibo (a Japanese-made sharp metal probe that removes a thin core from the fish) to evaluate the flesh for color, visible fat content, and texture. The whole tuna from Spain is responsibly and sustainably farmed.

This fish is the perfect choice for sashimi at home or seared on on the grill.

Read more about the Bluefin Tuna here.


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