For centuries, fishermen across the world used smoke to preserve the excess catch that could not be consumed fresh. While this was done under much more primitive conditions, the fundamental steps and formulas of the process itself remain largely unchanged even in the face of modern advancements and equipment. However, while the smokers of yore turned to this method out of necessity, today we employ this process not to preserve, but to enhance, the texture and the flavor for our culinary pleasure.

All of our smoked fish is smoked here in the heart of Portland’s Old Port fishing community. For our renowned Smoked Atlantic Salmon line, we use only the finest Atlantic salmon fillets raised off the pristine waters of Scotland. No preservatives, chemicals or dyes are used in our curing process. To suit all tastes, we over a wide variety of smoked salmons, made subtly distinct by the use of all natural ingredients. For those seeking other smoked fish, we proudly offer both a traditional smoke Finnan Haddie (haddock) and our extremely popular hot-smoked rainbow trout. All products ship frozen; thaw in refrigeration 1-2 days prior to use.

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