Smoked SeafoodAt Browne Trading Company, we take great pride in our traditional methods of producing fine smoked seafood.

Our smoked seafood selection is produced by hand at our boutique, low production smokehouse.

In our Smoke Room our smoke master works daily curing and smoking our products. Only ingredients completely natural and free of preservatives, chemicals, and dyes are used in our curing process.

Here, Browne Trading has taken a traditional, age-old food preservation method and turned it into an art form.

We believe that the combination of using only the freshest seafood ingredients, our own unique brine flavor blends, and only fruitwoods in our smokers make our products among the best.

From our variety of smoked salmons to our smoked shellfish, the result is smoked seafood unlike any others you may have tried.

Please note: Smoked Trout, Smoked Shrimp & Smoked Shrimp Contain Gluten.

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