Smoked Salmon
All of our premium smoked salmon is smoked here, at Browne Trading.
“Today, (Browne Trading) continues to be the nation’s leading purveyor of ultra-premium seafood.” Food & Wine Magazine

Smoking seafood is an ancient art, and at Browne Trading, we take that art seriously.

Our selection of smoked salmontrout, and scallops, are produced here, in Browne Trading’s very own boutique Smoke House.

Utilizing premium quality fresh seafood and all natural ingredients, our Smoke Master creates smoked seafood of the highest quality.

No preservatives, chemicals or dyes are used in our curing process.

To learn about our Smoke Room and smoking process click here!

For those of you looking for consistent, premium quality smoked seafood, you have come to the right place.

Our Smoked Seafood makes for a perfect, delicious gift, and never lasts long at parties.

Buy our smoked seafood online and we will ship your order right to your door!

FREE SHIPPING on orders of $300 or more.

Did you know that smoked fish has a long shelf life? Sealed smoked fish lasts several weeks in the fridge and frozen smoked fish lasts a few months!

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