We Sell Only the Best and Make Sure it Arrives That Way

All of our fish is selected, purchased, and checked in by our trained personnel to Rod Browne Mitchell’s demanding specifications. Our owner and sales representatives walk through the coolers to physically inspect the inventory daily. We simply do not accept any fish that does not meet our strict standards.

We grade our fish as “Pristine Quality” based on the following parameters:

  • Fish is received at or below required temperature
  • Eyes on the fish are still pigmented and clear
  • Fish is in “rigor mortis” state with tight, firm flesh and red gills indicative of fresh catch
  • The skin of the fish has zero scale loss, has vibrant and visible coloring, no skin blemishes such as gashes or tumors
  • No odor – except of the sea
  • In the case of live shellfish, we make sure product is lively and kept at a proper temperature

All the fish that is accepted for sale is stored in our coolers and kept chilled with salt-water ice for ‘ocean cold’ products. Typically, Browne Trading fish only stay on our premise for a maximum of 48 hours. Some of the more popular items arrive in the morning, and are gone by nightfall. We continually inspect all of our seafood, and never ship any fish that does not meet Browne Trading Quality Standards.

Our sales staff are trained seafood experts. If we do not have what you are looking for, and are unable to source it from our many suppliers, we can always suggest an appropriate alternative.

Our Packers are Specially Trained

With fulfillment of super freshness paramount to our success, Browne Trading was among the first in our industry to perfect overnight shipping of seafood perishables. Understanding that if the product did not arrive as pristine as when it was packed, much thought was given to how to best ship our products outside of just the conventional refrigerated ground delivery trucks. Through trial and error, Browne Trading Co. developed the best methods to ship fresh and live seafood – effectively pioneering the overnight shipping of the highest quality seafood to chefs and home gourmets around the United States. This allowed Browne Trading to expand its customer base and it began to effectively “mail order” fish outside of our trucking routes to new restaurant clientele and to retail customers alike. Our ability to be successful in not only procuring fresh seafood and caviar, but actually getting it reliably and fast to our customers, established a foundation of success that we continue to rely on today.

All our seafood is hand packed by our trained packing crew with cold packs and air balloons to make sure that your order arrives in pristine condition. Whether it arrives by a Browne Trading truck, one of our partner carriers, or via Overnight Shipment, you can be reassured that your fish and seafood is well cared for at every step.