Browne Trading Quality Includes More Than Wild-Caught Fish

We import superior seafood and caviar that are farm-raised from around the globe, from suppliers who entrust Browne Trading to distribute their products in the United States. We have distribution rights, many exclusive, with some of the top producers in the world. Our distinguished line of products includes the finest imported and domestic seafood. Stolt Turbot and Dover Sole from Spain, Label Rouge Salmon of Scotland, Caviar Galilee of Israel, and Veta la Palma of Spain are just some of the preferred suppliers Browne Trading Quality items.

We seek and prefer those producers only raising the best-farmed fish in the industry, not just domestically but globally. We look for growers who apply only the best practice farming when raising their seafood, emphasizing sustainably raised, environmentally conscious, and all-naturally fed fish. To this end, we require that our producers provide information on their products and harvesting methods and procedures.

We look for the following criteria when selecting farm-raised seafood:
  • Fish are free of artificial colorants, harmful preventative antibiotics, pesticides, antifoulants, or preservatives.
  • All fish are received fresh, never frozen.
  • No steroids, hormones, and no GMO (Genetic Modification) of any kind.
  • Fish have non-detectable levels of mercury or PCBs and are subject to testing.
  • Raised in low stocking densities to promote fish health, prevent disease, and minimize harvest site effluence.
  • Low stress and humane harvesting and handling practices.
  • Minimal environmental impact due to effluence or escape.
  • For open sea farms, we look for high water tidal exchange and “fallow” system practices.
  • If the farm is located inland, we seek those utilizing closed systems with recycled or Zero Water Exchange.
  • Sustainable sources of feed, non-land-based animals or byproducts, and certified organic feed when possible currently apply to European Union producers.
  • If using wild seafood items for feed, we seek producers using sustainable sources where fish are not in jeopardy.
  • Traceability systems extend the entire supply chain, from the broodstock and juveniles, through their growth and harvest and shipment to Browne Trading Co.
  • Preference for Certifications from such institutions as the Marine Stewardship Council and France’s Label Rouge Designation.

We believe best practices like those listed result in superior, healthier products that reduce the strain to wild stocks in high commercial demand.