Striped Mullet

(Mugil cephalus): FARM RAISED

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE SMALLER RED MULLET (Rouget), the Striped Mullet is a much larger and robust fish. Found all over the world, the Striped Mullet (also called the Grey Mullet) prefers to feed inshore in brackish and even freshwater – lending itself a strong candidate for growth in the free water marshland exchanges within the Veta la Palma Estate.

The Striped Mullet has not always enjoyed a strong culinary reputation – mostly due to the fact that it is primarily a herbivore that feeds on the bottom and can take on a muddy flavor as a result when feeding in unclean or heavily silted waters. The fact is that Striped Mullet is a surprisingly good eating fish with a good yield and full flesh that lends well to multiple cooking techniques. Our specimens raised at the Veta la Palma Estate benefit from the constant replenishment of natural ocean water flowing through the river Guadalquivir into the protected channels were they feed, resulting in a beautiful, clean taste not always associated with the Striped Mullet captured in the wild.

Indigenous in the wild to the Estuaries of the Guadalquivir, the Striped Mullet is – literally – a natural choice for aquaculture at Veta la Palma. While some other fish species at the farm are raised from fingerlings in hatcheries prior to introduction into the ecosystem, native mullet fingerlings and juveniles enter the farm regularly via channels from the estuary, essentially populating the farm with natural wild broodstock. Since they are native fish, they are genetically well adapted to fluctuant conditions of the habitat, ie salt content, temperatures, etc. They feed on the natural nutrients provided by the ecosystem’s aquatic plants and microfaunas, contributing to the overall health of the system by essentially recycling nutrients back into the waters.

Striped Mullet of this quality are ideal for many culinary applications – poached, fried, stuffed and baked, and even grilled. Their roe, when dried and pressed, is sold as Mullet Bottarga. Our Striped Mullet are available in the 3 to 6 lb. range.

Harvest Region: Raised in Free Water at Veta la Palma Estate – Seville, Spain

Seasonality: Year Round

Yield (Fillet Percentage): 48%

Flavor Profile: Moderate to full, rich

Texture Profile: Very firm, white flesh when cooked


  • Cod
  • Sea Bass

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