Sea Trout from Tasmania

ALSO KNOWN AS OCEAN TROUT, or Truite de Mer, we most commonly know these fish in the U.S. as the ocean-going “steelhead” trout ( or even as the “salmon trout”). But they are in fact in the same species as the freshwater “Rainbow” trout found in our American lakes and rivers.

Our Ocean Trout is farmed in Tasmania, which is a small island to the south of Australia. This location has the perfect attributes to raise Ocean Trout to peak condition, including cold water which washes up from Antarctica, zero pollution, and a rich natural blend of tannins and saltwater. Raised in sea pens in a sheltered bay, the surrounding weathered peaty soil enriches the waters with tannins which act as a natural antibacterial and antiviral so there is no chance of disease and no need for antibiotics or artificial inputs of any type for the fish. The entire life-cycle of this fish is controlled, with full traceability and adherence to the highest standard of aquaculture practices. Every individual fish is grown, fed, harvested and processed under the strictest conditions and as a result the quality of this product is stellar.

These fish arrive fresh only. Shaped like a small torpedo, a relatively small head and a black-spotted silver hide, it has the characteristic pink lateral stripes common to rainbow trout. Beneath this fine exterior Tasmanian Sea Trout has bright crimson-cherry colored flesh, which fades to a pale peach when prepared, and an Omega-3 loaded belly portion full of intramuscular fat that is so well-marbled it can be used for sashimi. The result of this extraordinary model of sustainable, artisan aquaculture is a healthy and vigorous fish that is very versatile in its culinary preparation. Moist, tender and mild fillets are pink in color and considered a bit richer than the lighter-colored meat of the freshwater rainbow trout. Served broiled, poached, baked, sautéed, even smoked – the sea trout has a clean, bright taste often compared to that of char or salmon.

These fish come whole and dressed and are as visually stunning as they are high in quality. Each sea trout is approximately 6-8 pounds.

Harvest Region: Sea Pens in the Great Southern Ocean, Tasmania

Seasonality: Year Round

Yield (Fillet Percentage):  65-70%

Flavor Profile: Full, Almost “Nutty”

Texture Profile: Delicate Flake, Moderately Firm


  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Arctic Char
  • Rainbow Trout

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