Octopus from Spain


(Octopus vulgaris): WILD CAUGHT

OCTOPUS, ALSO KNOWN AS PULPO, IS A CEPHALOPOD harvested and highly-prized among many fishing communities worldwide. Fished from the white sands off the Canary Islands, the warmer waters here yield a naturally smaller and sweeter-tasting species than those found in Asian waters.

Octopuses are found around the world in temperate and tropical waters – some weighing well over 100 lbs. – and can thrive in both shallow and deep ocean waters. So named of course for their eight tentacles, they have no internal skeletons, and once cleaned of their eyes, sharp beak, viscera and ink sacks, they can be cooked entirely. Highly intelligent to the point of “curiosity”, octopuses are harvested in traps that appeal to them as shelters and are often not even baited. The color of their skin, which is edible, is commonly purplish-black and capable of changing color to camouflage itself from predators. When prepared, their meat cooks up white.

Immediately after catch, our Baby Octopus are “tumbled”, using a proprietary method in which sea salt and ice water are washed over the Octopus, tenderizing the meat and giving it a briny bite. To complete the tenderization process, they are then frozen on board vessel to ensure optimum quality and freshness. Unlike any other seafood, the freezing and tenderizing processes loosen the meat of the animal, creating a truly unique texture. This process helps remove the age-old process of boiling first to tenderize meat – which can be very tough if not handled properly.

There are few animals from the sea that are as visually stunning as a baby octopus when cooked. Purple-tinged arms curl and twist into an eye-catching swirl that looks more like a piece of art than a meal on a plate. Plain Baby Octopus has a delicate flavor that’s slightly sweet and similar to that of a sea scallop. In fact, the flavor of Octopus can be so mild that it’s hard to dislike, however it sometimes presents a textural challenge. To overcome this challenge is an art, but is certainly made easier with the help of a tenderized product such as this one. A favorite for sushi, it is also wonderful when boiled, fried, simmered in stews, coated lightly with olive oil and grilled, and even smoked.

Our Octopus ship Tenderized, Cleaned, and Frozen in 5-10oz 1-2lb, 2-4lb, 4-6lb, and 6-8lb sizes.

Catch Region: Spain & Canary Islands

Seasonality: Year Round

Catch Method: Trap-Caught

Yield: 100%

Flavor Profile: Delicate, Slightly- Sweet, Briny bite

Texture Profile: Very Firm yet Tender when Cooked


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