Ocean Trout from Loch Etive

(Oncorhynchus mykiss): FARM RAISED

ALSO KNOW AS SEA TROUT, or Truite de Mer, we most commonly know these fish in the U.S. as the ocean-going “steelhead” trout ( or even as the “salmon trout”). But they are in fact in the same species as “rainbow” trout found in our American lakes and rivers (“rainbows” are commonly the name given fresh water trout, while “steelhead” is the name for the sea-going). Ocean Trout are anadromus, meaning they are born in fresh water but live in sea water until they return to spawn.

The Loch Etive Ocean Trout is aquacultured in the western coast of Scotland. Loch Etive itself is a fjord over 30 kilometers long and up to 145 meters deep, fed by a Highland river and the sea. This “sea loch” has been formed by over 2 million years of glacial ice flow erosion and remains a pristine habitat for raising these fish. Loch Etive has the perfect attributes to raise Ocean Trout to peak condition: a combination of its brackish (sea and fresh) water, along with a fast flowing current, create the higher oxygen levels ideal for ocean trout to thrive. Raised in sea pens in a sheltered bay, the farm is operated on the lowest stocking densities and welfare standards in the United Kingdom. These fish are 100% Natural – with no chemicals or pesticides introduced to the fish, their feed, or their environment. They are raised and handled “responsibly, ethically and sustainably” and every fish is fully traceable.

Ocean Trout closely resemble the freshwater rainbow – black spotted with silver scales and the distinct pinkish lateral “rainbow” coloring – although they tend to be slightly paler and in aquaculture are grown to larger sizes. Moist, tender and mild fillets are pale pink in color and considered a bit richer than the lighter-colored meat of the freshwater rainbow trout. Served broiled, poached, baked, sautéed (or in recipes calling for salmon) – the ocean trout has a clean but distinct “nutty” taste. These fish arrive fresh only, are considered “sushi-grade”, and are also ideal for raw preparations.

Loch Etive Ocean Trout come whole and dressed and are among the largest on the market. These fish range between 10 to 12 pounds each.

Harvest Region: Loch Etive, Scotland U.K.

Seasonality: Year Round

Yield (Fillet Percentage): About 70%

Flavor Profile: Mild yet “Nutty”

Texture Profile: Delicate Flake, Tender Firmness


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  • Arctic Char
  • Rainbow Trout