New Zealand Kingfish

(Seriola lalandi): WILD CAUGHT

A PRIZED SASHIMI FISH, the Kingfish, also known as the Yellowtail, Hiramasa or Goldstriped Amberjack, are caught mainly in the North Island of New Zealand where they congregate throughout inshore waters in the Southern Hemisphere summer months (Jan-Feb), particularly in the Bay of Plenty and outer Hauraki Gulf area. They are a pelagic species and are typically caught in 30-100 feet of water, where they feed voraciously on bait-fish. Its rich, sweet and clean flavor is rapidly making it a favored selection of kitchens that are turning to responsibly raised seafood options.

These sleek-looking creatures belong to the Carangidae (Jack) family. They sport a distinct yellow racing stripe from the nose/eye all the way back to their tail along with a bluish-green back and silver belly. Kingfish are a show-stopper worthy of their regal name, and have acquired fame in various culinary circles. Kingfish are caught by long-line only, which means that quality is optimized due to the fish being caught and landed live, then Iki-Jime’d and ice slurried thus resulting in a sushi-grade product. New Zealand’s kingfish fishery is strictly managed by the Quota Management System, with a sustainable harvest TACC (Total Allowable Commercial Catch) of 209,000 tons.

Kingfish, served as sashimi, is similar to the popular hamachi, although it tends to have less dark muscle as other sushi fish. It has few bones in its firm, sweet fillets, which are white to pinkish in color, and has a full but not “fishy” taste and aroma. Other than sashimi, it can be sautéed, steamed, or grilled medium rare, with care taken not to overcook, and can be used in recipes calling for swordfish or Kampachi. They can be cooked in steaks/portions or as a whole fillet or as roasted collars.

Available fresh, whole and head-on or filleted, Browne Trading is very pleased to offer this sashimi quality fish to our customers. Average 10 lbs+ each, whole fish.

Harvest Region: New Zealand

Seasonality: Year-round, peaking in the NZ summer months (Jan-Feb)

Yield (Fillet Percentage): 57 %

Flavor Profile: Sweet, rich, clean

Texture Profile: Firm, broad flaked flesh


  • Tuna
  • Swordfish
  • Hamachi/Kampachi