Browne's Point Oysters

Browne’s Point Maine Oysters

Browne's Point Oysters

(Crassostrea virginica): FARM RAISED

For many years, Browne Trading has had the privilege of selling premium Eastern Oysters from our home state of Maine. It is our pleasure to now offer our “own” Browne’s Point Oysters!

The Browne Family is among the oldest in Maine. The first, Nathan Brown (b. 1723), emigrated from England to America in 1746, settling first in Massachusetts. His grandson, Loyalist Brown (b. 1774), built the family homestead around 1800 on what came to be known to all as “Browne’s Point” in the center of Merrymeeting Bay on the Kennebec River in the town of Bowdoinham, Maine. It was his grandson, John Loyalist Browne, (the “e” was added to the family name during the Civil War) who first used the name “Browne Trading” for the family seafood business.

Over two centuries later, Browne Trading Co. continues to source the best and freshest seafood from Maine. It is our great pleasure to finally offer our “own” Maine Oysters (Crassostrea virginica). Raised by the oldest oyster farm in the state of Maine, “Browne’s Point” oysters are the best “Selects” – handpicked at harvest to Rod Mitchell’s specifications for best shape, cup, and size. Harvested from the cool waters of the Damariscotta River – which for centuries drew Native Indians and early settlers to its waters to feast on the abundant oysters found there – these oysters thrive in the clean river estuaries that draw nutrients from the tidal surges of the Atlantic Ocean.

“Browne’s Point” Oysters are Medium sized and have a superior flavor – sweet and clean – with a milder brininess than is often found in other Maine oysters. The shells are clean, robust, and commonly show striations of color on them.


Harvest Region: Damariscotta River, Maine

Seasonality: Spring to Fall

Size: Mediums

Flavor Profile: Clean, sweet, subtle “citrus” overtones; modest brine


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