Spanish Sea Bass

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Two Whole Fish $90.00
Four Fillets $90.00

Similar to our American Striped Bass, this fish is known as Bronzino to Italy, Loup de Mer in France, Robalo in Portugal, & our Lubina Fresca from Spain. Whatever the language, the European Sea Bass remains in high global demand.

What makes our Lubina so special is the beautiful story of Veta la Palma. The harvest practices and pristine natural ecosystem at Veta la Palma make the Lubina a superior choice for discerning chefs looking for the best quality, & a sustainable sea bass with conscious of ecological impact. The Lubina’s culinary popularity is attributed to its firm flesh that cooks well in virtually all preparations – whether served whole or off the bone. Its sweet, mild flavor stands up well to even the most basic of seasonings, and can be served poached hot or cold, grilled or baked whole and stuffed, pan seared, and whole roasted in a salt crust.

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Sold as: Whole Fish are 2 Lbs each, Scaled and Gutted or Four Skin-on Fillets are Approximately 2 Lbs, Net. Veta la Palma – Spain.