Smoked Trout


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The newest addition to the smoked fish family is here. Introducing our small-batch Smoked Trout. Farmed-raised in the US, this rainbow trout is hot smoked with soy, lemon, sugar, and garlic for a succulent and savory finish. Try it plain on crackers or mixed-in with cream cheese for a home-made smoked fish spread.

Available as approx. .75-pound butterfly fillet. Frozen.

Smoked at Browne Trading’s Headquarters

Located at Browne Trading’s headquarters in Portland, Maine, is our boutique Smoke House. Here, our Smoke-Master, Morgan, works daily to perfect his craft.

It is in our small batch Smoke Room where we prepare by hand, smoke, and package your selection.

Did you know that smoked fish has a long shelf life? Sealed smoked fish lasts several weeks in the fridge and frozen smoked fish lasts a few months!

Shipping and Handling (FAQ)

We prepare and pack your order the day it ships to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

We ship all perishables via priority overnight delivery. Place your order before 2 pm. est. and we can ship your order the same day!