Smoked Sturgeon & Caviar Pairing


One 50 gram Imperial Caviar Malossol & One 1-2 pound avg., Smoked Sturgeon Loin

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Product Description

We make our Smoked Sturgeon here in house at our Portland, Maine boutique Browne Trading smoke room. Smoked at a higher temperature, we use pure cane sugar and natural honey for a “honey roasted” flavor. Perfect sliced and served alone, or for a sandwich with remoulade, in salads with beets, or to accompany German potato salad, potato pancakes, potato gnocci… however, we think it goes best with Caviar!

Because our Smoked Sturgeon pairs so well with Caviar we thought it would be a great idea to offer the two together. We think this particular Caviar goes tremendously well with smoked sturgeon. The rich, clean and nutty flavor of the Imperial Malossol compliments perfectly the “honey roasted” flavor of the Sturgeon.

50 gram Imperial Malossal + 1-2 pound avg., Smoked Sturgeon (Value of $290)