Smoked Salmon with Dill

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8 ounces, Sliced $23.00
1 Pound, Sliced $45.00
Four each 4 oz. Packs $50.00

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1 Presliced Side $95.00

Although not a true Gravlax (which is cured but not smoked) we add the fresh dill traditional to most Gravlax servings to our brine mixture which also contains organic sugar, Mediterranean sea salts , a touch of lemon, and some vodka. The result is reminiscent of traditional Gravlax: clean and natural tasting, moist yet silky texture, and a hint of lemon and aromatic dill in the smoky finish. Available in a variety of sizes, from whole sides to 4 oz. packs.Presliced Sides are Approx 2.5 lbs Each. Whole (Unsliced) Sides are Approx. 3 lbs Each. Product ships frozen.