Marine Phytoplankton – “Mediterranean Taste” (Tetraselmi Chuii)

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Product Description

Championed in culinary circles by acclaimed Chef Angel Leon of Spain’s Aponiente Restaurant, he uses this sea vegetable to enhance various dishes with the flavor of the ocean. From an accompaniment for oysters and sardines to a dairy replacement for risotto, this sea vegetable is fresh pairing to any seafood presentation.

When preparing Marine Plankton for use in a dish, it is best to create a sort of “instant fumet” by mixing it with water or turning it into a seafood or meat based broth. Care must be taken to not heat the mixture as it will rapidly lose its desired characteristics. Heat will also present an undesired texture due to its high density of protein (plankton has 30 times more omega 3s than olive oil). In the preparation of a dish such as risotto, it is best to add in the Marine Plankton mixture once the main dish has been removed from any heat source.

Phytoplankton comes freeze dried (lyophilized), so it is preserved and packaged without compromising the quality, flavor, cell structure or nutritional components in any way. You will find this product as fresh as if you have harvested it yourself.

SOLD AS: 50 gram (dried weight) pack