Maine Sea Spiced Salmon

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8 ounces, Sliced $23.00
1 Pound, Sliced $45.00
Four each 4 oz. Packs $50.00
1 Whole Side, Unsliced $85.00
1 Presliced Side $95.00

This recipe includes adding our own special mixture of paprika, pepper, garlic, thyme and other herbs to the brine cure; which is similar to pastrami meat. The fillets are then cold smoked, resulting in a peppery, complex herbal finish – reminiscent of smoked pastrami. A distinctive and spicy approach to traditional smoked salmon. Available in a variety of sizes, from whole sides to 4 oz. packs. Presliced Sides are Approx 2.5 lbs Each. Whole (Unsliced) Sides are Approx. 3 lbs Each. Product ships frozen.