Madai Snapper

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One Whole Fish $60.00
Two Fillets $60.00

An iconic fish in Japan’s cuisine – and culture – the Madai Snapper is actually not a snapper but a sea bream from the Sparidae family. Hailed as the best eating among the many species of sea bream – usually know as “tai” – they are found in Japanese and regional Pacific waters. Madai are known as the “True Seabream” or “Genuine Tai” – a testament to its prestige as the best eating of all the bream varieties. It has a firm, flaky, mild flavored flesh that can be seared, broiled or grilled, and the skin, when cooked, is edible. Madai is a suitable substitute for most dishes that call for Red Snapper.

Whole Fish are Approximately 3-4 Lbs each, Scaled and Gutted. Two Skin-on Fillets are Approximately 2 Lbs, Net. Farm Raised. Japan.

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