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Available in bag of 25 ea 

Fresh, local, and delicious. Live Maine scallops are IN. We ship these whole scallops overnight, live in the shell. Watch our video for opening and cleaning tips. Then, see below for FAQs. * photo by Chef William Rietzel.


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Live Scallop FAQs

Aren’t these illegal?

They are completely LEGAL! But how? Because they are farmed scallops, meaning they are highly monitored and the farm grows the appropriate scale in protected structures, rather than harvesting whole habitats. The key to the farming is the specialized lantern nets required for their growth. The nets hover in a heavily tested higher-water column, which is essential in avoiding contaminants.

How do I open it?

They are not hinged shut like an oyster, so insert either a butter or oyster knife in the crease, and slice down the length of the shell.

How do I clean it?

The scallop is held together by the adductor muscle, which is attached to the shell on both sides. It is essential to cut next to the shell as close as possible. Scrape the far side of the shell, flipped down. Once opened, take the top of the guts (digestive gland, gills, mantle), pull it back gently and it leaves the adductor in the shell. Then slip knife underneath, et VOILA!

Which part is edible?

The whole thing! But we have 0 judgement if you want to focus on the middle adductor muscle.

However, the whole thing can be fried like a clam.  The adductor muscle is especially good for sauces and stocks. Some, but not all, of the scallops have the roe (reddish horned-shaped sack). This is often used in haute cuisine.

How do I cook it?

For scallops this small, any heat application has to be short to avoid overcooking. You can eat these raw, ceviche, or quickly seared.