Laughing Bird Shrimp

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Two 1 Lb Cups, Frozen $45.00
Two 1 Lb Cups, Fresh $45.00

Our Laughing Bird Shrimp are harvested from farms in Costa Rica that work in harmony with the environment. This harmony is important to emphasize because shrimp farming is associated with the destruction of mangrove forests. These “terrestrial rainforests” of the ocean provide essential breeding and nursing grounds for many species, including shrimp. They are also home to a wealth of biodiversity. So far there has already been upwards of 35 percent of mangrove forests destroyed worldwide. We are proud to say that the farms we acquire our Laughing Bird shrimp from coexist in harmony with the mangroves. In fact, according to one of the owners of the farms, even previously endangered crocodiles are returning to local waters.

Our Laughing Bird shrimp are raised in near perfect conditions, because of this they are never exposed to antibiotics, hormones or pesticides. They have been certified Organic by Naturland Germany because of this.

The shrimp are sweet with a firm texture and clean taste. When cooked they become a deep orange color.

Available as 2 one pound cups frozen or fresh. 50 to 60 pieces per pound