Salmon Fillet

King Salmon Fillet


King Salmon, commonly known as Chinook salmon, range from California to the Alaskan Arctic. They are the largest and the fattiest of the salmon family, boasting the highest levels of Omega-3 fatty acids – a necessity for the long distances they must swim through the ocean before spawning in fresh water rivers. The flavor and texture of King Salmon is full, rich and buttery, with large, soft flakes and a texture more delicate than other salmons such as the Atlantic and Coho. Extremely versatile in the kitchen, King Salmon is delicious when pan fried, steamed, grilled skin on, poached and braised. Fresh salmon is also served sashimi style, and is of course wonderful when cold or hot smoked.

As an alternative to wild-caught Pacific Kings that are subject to seasonality, Browne brings in the best farm-raised Kings from around the world. These fish contain No GMOs, hormones, vaccines, chemicals or antibiotics, and are raised naturally in free ocean water in low stocking densities on natural diets. Skin On, One side, 4 Lbs Net. Farm Raised by ORA in New Zealand or Creative Kings of British Columbia, Canada. Subject to Availability.