Imperial Golden Feast


The Imperial Golden Feast affords a unique and exciting opportunity to indulge in this magnificent caviar. Sustainably farmed along the Amur River between China and Russia, this exquisite caviar produced from the offspring of Huso dauricus and Acipenser schrenckii sturgeon will tantalize every last taste bud. Under the direction of Iranian Master Caviar Specialists, these fish are meticulously harvested using some of the most advanced aquaculture methods available today. This hybrid sturgeon, Huso schrenckii, yields large and lavish gold pearls. The resulting flavor is rich, clean and nutty that disappears in the mouth with striking purity.

Beautifully presented in a handmade wooden gift box along with four hand-crafted mother-of-pearl caviar spoons and two shell palettes for service, the Imperial Golden Feast boasts an impressive 500 gram container of Imperial Gold Caviar prominently displayed in the center.

Exclusive to Browne Trading Company.

Caviar Room

Our Caviar Room is where the magic happens. This is where every type of caviar Browne Trading offers is selected & graded to ensure you only ever receive the finest quality product possible. Click here for a “behind the scenes” look at how we prepare your caviar before we send it your way!