Haddock – Fillet

$68.00 ($17.00 / lb) - Appr. 4 lb(s)

Product Description

A close (but smaller) relative of the cod, our Haddock are landed fresh from the Gulf of Maine (we also source from Icelandic waters as necessary) – and is a favorite here in Maine when battered and fried as classic “Fish and Chips”. But this versatile fish is also excellent baked, poached, or in chowders – and unlike the codfish, does well in the pan. Haddock has a very mild flavor, slightly sweet, with white flesh and finer flakes than cod. It is the same fish we use in our Smokehouse to make traditional Scottish Finnan Haddie.

Available as a 4 Lbs Approx, Skin-On Fillet. Wild Caught. US/Iceland

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