Flying Fish Roes (Tobikko)

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Wasabi Tobikko - 100 grams $25.00
Black Tobikko - 100 grams $25.00
Red Tobikko - 100 grams $25.00
Wasabi Tobikko - 500 grams $125.00
Black Tobikko - 500 grams $125.00
Red Tobikko - 500 grams $125.00
Popular for use on sushi or a garnish, flying fish roe has a distinctive firm texture and clean resilient shine. Our Wasabi Tobikko (shown) is infused with Japanese horseradish and has a distinctive green color. Red and Orange Tobikkos are mildly salted and have bold coloring. Available in 100 gram jars or 500 gram packs.

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