Farmed Dover Sole – Whole or Fillet

Starting at $45.00 ($22.50 / lb)

Product Description

Available as two whole fish. Two pounds total.  


Four skin-on fillets. Approximately 1 pound total.

With new farming techniques and technologies, it is now possible to offer pristine and sustainable farmed European dover sole.

This premium quality fish can be prepared and presented in a host of different ways. It is excellent off the bone and is often served whole and filleted at the table. It is considered a delicacy, yet simplicity is imperative as to not mask the superb taste of its tender, moist flesh.

The tender, moist flesh shines in the kitchen with even minimal attention: prepare it a la Meunier, on the grill with lemon wedges as a garnish, steamed or poached with wine and topped with sauce.

Check out our link below which explains how to prepare this farmed European dover sole. This step by step guide has been provided by award-winning food writer, cookbook author, photographer, and cooking teacher James Peterson.