Crystal Caviar Server with Vodka Glass


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Crafted by Platas Lappas of Argentina, this is a caviar server with a kick. A deep crystal bowl holds the ice and a smaller caviar bowl sits above accompanied by a shot glass. Caviar glass insert holds a robust 1-2 Ounces (30-50 Grams) of your favorite caviar. Dimensions = 3” x 3 1/2”

About Platas Lappas

Platas Lappas is a family owned company founded in 1887. Based in Argentina, Platas Lappas exports its custom luxury items and designs worldwide. Their internationally renowned silverware is used in many of the most important weddings in countries like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it provides its products to the traditional gift shops in England and Australia, where it is also chosen by recognized interior designers who look for quality and exclusivity in the products they select. Plata Lappas exports to more than thirty countries, including Lebanon, Singapore, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Greece, Guatemala, the US and Canada. Renowned for its style, collections and the high quality of its products, Plata Lappas’s superior products have been chosen by discerning customers for generations, as well as luxury hotels and embassies from around the world, where Plata Lappas is invariably present through the metal and leather products that best represent their quality & craftsmanship.