Crab Cocktail Claws

$80.00 ($16.00 / lb)

5 Lbs Bag. Frozen

Product Description

Wild Canadian Jonah Crabs are the larger cousins of our Maine “Peekytoe” Crabs – and their much larger claws make for delicious eating. Flaky and sweet, these meaty claws are perfect as an appetizer for special occasions and entertaining.

Individually frozen, they are cooked and ready to serve once they have been thawed. Simply defrost in the refrigerator or place on a flat dish at room temperature for 2 hours prior to serving. Serve chilled, cocktail style,  arranged on a platter or in a serving bowl with shaved ice, lettuce, and lemon.

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Available as a 5 Lb Bag. 20 Pieces Per Bag Approx. Frozen.