Browne Trading’s Traditional “Light Smoked” Scottish Salmon

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8 ounces, Sliced $23.00
1 Pound, Sliced $45.00
Four each 4 oz. Packs $50.00
1 Whole Side, Unsliced $85.00
1 Presliced Side $95.00

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Inspired by an age-old Scandinavian recipe, our “Traditional Smoked Salmon” starts with the highest quality, freshest Atlantic Salmon raised off the Shetland Islands of Scotland. It is handcrafted only with a brine of natural sea salt and crushed seaweed finished over a light cold-smoke of local Maine fruitwoods. This is our best-selling, most traditional smoked salmon selection, produced with a minimum of ingredients to showcase the salmon’s natural flavor accented by a wisp of smoke. We believe it superior to other “Nova” or “Lox” smoked salmons – clean tasting with a sweet flavor and buttery texture. Presliced Sides are Approx 2.5 lbs Each. Whole (Unsliced) Sides are Approx. 3 lbs Each. Product ships frozen.