Black Opal Siberian Caviar

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1 ounce $75.00
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4.4 ounces $330.00
7 ounces $525.00
500 grams $1,300.00
1 kilogram $2,600.00

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch “Best Choice!”

Mote Marine has teamed up with Healthy Earth in Sarasota, Florida to bring you Black Opal Caviar! Healthy Earth is fast becoming a world leader in developing sustainable and economically viable sources of seafood, even as overfishing, pollution and a growing global appetite for seafood is putting ever more pressure on the ecosystem. Black Opal sturgeon and caviar are hatched and raised in the United States with minimal impact on the environment. Prepared using the Malossol method (a small amount of salting) without the use of antibiotics, hormones or preservatives, Black Opal’s small to medium sized shimmering black pearls have a sweet, creamy and nutty flavor that many compare to Caspian Sea Sevruga. While silky in texture they are mild in saltiness with a clean finish.